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Certified Personal Trainer by NASM

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist by NASM

Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by NTA

Founder of JTH Fitness & JTH Wellness

I used to be the girl who thought having the "dream body" and living a healthy lifestyle meant being strict and never enjoying life. Over the years, I've discovered that couldn't be any farther from the truth! I was always active as a kid and considered thin without even needing to put in work. As I got older, my body changed and I had to figure out how to adapt as it no longer became easy to maintain that physique I once had. During college, I let myself go, eating and drinking whatever, whenever! If I wanted to feel "skinny" I would run to the gym and do cardio & crunches. This is all I'd ever known and what I thought would get me the body I wanted... wrong!

I continued living this unhealthy, unbalanced lifestyle throughout my college years, and it wasn't until after college I realized how I truly felt in my body. I didn't even recognize myself and I sure didn't feel good. Struggling with digestive issues, bloating, acne, fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation, I decided to make a change. I made a commitment to getting healthy. What started as HIIT workouts soon left me burnt out. I started weight lifting and finally felt good in the gym. 

Prior to becoming a trainer, a low back and shoulder injury kept me stuck in a cycle of pain, and held me back from achieving my true potential in the gym. From physical therapy to massage, I only felt slight relief from the pain. Frustrated and defeated, by a chance of luck, I was introduced to corrective exercise. Working with a corrective exercise specialist helped me uncover the source of my ongoing muscle pain & dysfunction. Years of poor habitual movement patterns due to past car accidents left me stuck in a cycle of pain. By breaking that cycle and teaching my body new movement patterns, I was finally able to heal and move without pain! My experience with injury lead me to get certified as a corrective exercise specialist so that I could help others get out of pain and move better while achieving their fitness goals.

Throughout my journey to achieving optimal health, my dream physique, confidence, & self-love, I've discovered that the key to health & happiness is finding and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. After leaving my 9-5 corporate job to pursue my passion, I started my own wellness business to help clients create & maintain a balanced lifestyle so they can reach their goals without being restrictive and still enjoying life. My goal is to teach people how to incorporate a balanced, effective diet and training program that’s easy to stick to - and gets results!