• ​​Learn how to fix your chronic muscle pain

  • Release tight muscles

  • Alleviate pain

  • Optimize movement

  • Achieve long-term relief

Outdoor Exercise


Tight, painful muscles?

Restricted mobility?

Limited range of motion?

Pain when performing certain everyday tasks?

Muscle pain that hasn't gotten better after trying various treatments?

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let's fix that!

Get back to moving pain-free today in just 15 minutes with a guided stretch session personalized to your body's needs.

As a corrective exercise specialist, I listen to your concerns, ask questions about your injury history and everyday tasks to determine the cause of your muscle pain, & analyze your movement to determine the best stretches or exercises to help you move more optimally with less pain.

in just 15 minutes you can achieve...

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Significantly reduced muscle pain & tightness

More optimal movement, mobility, & range of motion

The ability to perform simple, everyday tasks with ease

Better posture

An uplift in your mood (because who's happy when they're in constant pain?!)

what causes chronic pain?

  • Staying in certain postures for extended periods of time (i.e. sitting hunched over in front of a computer for hours)

  • Engaging in repetitive movement patterns on a daily basis (i.e. a woman wearing a heavy handbag on the same shoulder or a construction worker hammering with the same arm overhead repeatedly)

  • Previous accidents or injuries (i.e. car accident, fall, breaking a bone)

Your body is smart and learns to work around the postures, patterns, or injuries overtime if not addressed. Eventually, this leads to muscle imbalances and compensations. Certain muscles may become overactive & tight while others become underactive & weak. The overactive muscles will cause the pain you feel on a daily basis, even during normal everyday activities like sitting or sleeping.

how it works?

discuss your pain & concerns

We'll start by discussing your muscle or joint pain, health history including: previous accidents or injuries, and your job or everyday tasks to understand what is causing & contributing to your issues. 

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guided stretching

After inhibiting the overactive muscles, we use stretch techniques to lengthen these muscles to allow for better range of motion.

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identify overactive muscles 

After gathering important information related to your pain, we'll perform movement assessments to identify the 'overactive' or 'shortened' muscles causing your pain.

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activation & mobility exercises

It's important to activate any 'underactive' or 'sleepy' muscles to counteract the effects of the overactive muscles. Usually these are opposing muscle groups that have become weakened while the overactive muscles are doing all the work they're not supposed to. I'll guide you through exercises specific to your needs.

inhibit overactive muscles

Using therapeutic tools such as foam rollers and massage or sports balls, I'll show you how to inhibit or release overactive muscles. The techniques are similar to getting a myofascial release massage.

take home movement plans

As pain is typically caused by repetitive postures or movements we engage in routinely, it's likely that if we don't counteract the effects, we end up back in pain as we go back to our usual habits. Consistency & maintenance is key to long-term relief. After our session, you'll know exactly what stretches and/or exercises to do at home to maintain optimal posture & movement.


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For years, I suffered from chronic pain in my low back and shoulder. I tried everything to alleviate the pain - from physical therapy, pain killers, rest, massage, and more - but nothing provided lasting relief. Finally, I was introduced to corrective exercise, and this changed my life. It completely changed how I viewed exercise and movement, and I became so passionate about it that I knew I wanted to learn more so I could help others with their pain. I finally learned what was causing my muscle pain & dysfunction, and how to move my body in a way that felt good, and maintain that long-term! I took myself from painful movement to finally feeling confident in my body. Now, I can do activities I love, sleep, and move without pain! As a corrective exercise specialist, I teach people how to do the same.

We offer 15 minute corrective exercise & stretch sessions at our office in Hopewell Junction, NY

call to book your first session today!